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Sex Under the Influence of Drugs or Alcohol: Common for Men in Substance Abuse Treatment and Associated with High Risk Sexual Behavior.

American Journal on Addictions 2010;19(2):119-127. [doi: 10.1111/j.1521-0391.2009.00022.x]

Donald A. Calsyn, PhD, (Alcohol & Drug Abuse Institute, University of Washington, PN Node,) Sarah J. Cousins, MA (Matrix Institute, PA Node), Mary A. Hatch-Maillette, PhD, (Alcohol & Drug Abuse Institute, University of Washington, PN Node), Alyssa A. Forcehimes, PhD, (Center on Alcoholism, Substance Abuse and Addiction, University of New Mexio, SW Node), Raul N. Mandler, MD, (Center for the Clinical Trials Network, NIDA), Suzanne R. Doyle, PhD (Alcohol & Drug Abuse Institute, University of Washington, PN Node), George E. Woody, MD (University of Pennsylvania, DV Node).

Sex under the influence of drugs or alcohol is associated with high risk sexual behavior. Heterosexual men in substance abuse treatment completed a computer administered interview assessing sexual risk behaviors as part of protocol CTN-0018 ("Reducing HIV/STD Risk Behaviors: A Research Study for Men in Drug Abuse Treatment"). Most men (73.3%) endorsed sex under the influence in the prior 90 days, and 39.1% endorsed sex under the influence during their most recent sexual event. Sex under the influence at the most recent event was more likely to involve anal intercourse, sex with a casual partner, and less condom use. It appears, therefore, that sex is a strong relapse trigger for a variety of substances. Patients might benefit from interventions targeting sexual behavior and substance use as mutual triggers. (Article (Peer-Reviewed), PDF, English, 2010)

Keywords: Alcohol | Condom use | HIV/AIDS | Gender-specific interventions | Sexual risk behavior | Sexually transmitted diseases | American Journal on Addictions (journal)

Document No: 367, PMID: 20163383; PMCID: PMC2861416

Submitted by Jack Blaine, NIDA (6/17/2009).

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