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1. Behavior Rating Inventory of Executive Function - Adult Version (BRIEF-A)

Year: 2005

Roth, Robert M.; Isquith, Peter K.; Gioia, Gerard A.

The BRIEF-A is a standardized measure that captures views of an adult's executive functions or self-regulation in his/her everyday environment. Both a self-report and an informant report are used. The scale is composed of 75 items within nine nonoverlapping theoretically and empirically derived clinical scales: Inhibit, Self-Monitor, Plan/Organize, Shift, Initiate, Task Monitor, Emotional Control, Working Memory, and Organization of Materials. Determining the degree to which an individual is aware of their executive dysfunction can be helpful in gauging the amount of support he or she will require during or after treatment. The scale has been used to assess executive function in patients suffering from a wide variety of developmental, systemic, neurological, and psychiatric disorders such as substance use disorders, attention disorders, learning disabilities, autism spectrum disorders, traumatic brain injury, multiple sclerosis, eating disorders, depression, mild cognitive impairment, dementias, and schizophrenia.

Instrument Use & Availability

This scale is copyright protected. It is available for purchase from PAR, Inc. at The cost ranges from $73 for the manual to $616 for scording and administration software (2016).

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Instrument Details:

Source Reference:Roth RM, Isquith PK, Gioia GA. Behavior rating inventory of executive function-adult version (BRIEF-A). Psychological Assessment Resources, Lutz, FL (2005)
Population studied:Adults
Instrument Type:Assessment

Supporting References:

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