1. Alcohol Expectancy Task (AET)

Year: 2017

Kuntsche, Emmanuel; Kuntsche, Sandra

Alcohol expectancies are prominent predictors of alcohol initiation and subsequent drinking levels. The Alcohol Expectancy Task (AET) uses 8 scenarios featuring adults in everyday situations (eating dinner, watching TV, attending a social gathering, e.g.) and in different emotional states, accompanied by photographs of a range of beverages (4 alcoholic, 8 nonalcoholic) displayed on a tablet screen. Participants are then asked to tap on the beverage they think the described person had been drinking. Though more validation work is needed, the AET appears to be useful in assessing alcohol expectancies in young adolescents by electronic means (tablet).

Instrument Use & Availability

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For more information, contact:
Emmanuel Kuntsche
Centre for Alcohol Policy Research
La Trobe University
215 Franklin St.
Melbourne VIC 3000 Australia
email: e.kuntsche@latrobe.edu.au

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Instrument Details:

Source Reference:Kuntsche E, Kuntsche S. Development and initial validation of the Alcohol Expectancy Task. Alcohol Clin Exp Res 2017;41(8):1461-1470.
Population studied:Young adults
Instrument Type:Assessment

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