1. Rewarding Events Inventory (REI)

Year: 2017

Hughes, John R.; Callas, Peter W.; Priest, Jeff S.; Etter, Jean-Francois; Budney, Alan J.; Sigmon, Stacey C.

Both use of and abstinence from nicotine appear to increase or decrease how rewarding nondrug rewards are. Self-report scales to test this have limitations, however. The Rewarding Events Inventory was developed to measure enjoyment from rewards in a reliable and valid way, while also being short enough to be used on repeated occasions. Participants rate 58 common rewards on three outcomes: enjoyment from, wanting for, and frequency. Rewards include items such as "go on vacation," "be told I am loved," and "watch sports." Respondents measure their anticipated enjoyment from each activity on a scale ranging from 1 (I would not enjoy it) to 5 (I would extremely enjoy it). Rewards fit into four factors: socializing, active hobbies, passive hobbies, and sex/drug use.

Instrument Use & Availability

A complete copy of the scale can be found in the appendix of the source reference (Hughes et al, 2017).

For more information, contact:
John R. Hughes, MD
Vermont Center for Behavior and Health
University of Vermont
email: john.hughes@uvm.edu

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Instrument Details:

Source Reference:Hughes JR, Callas PW, Priest JS, et al. Development of a self-report measure of reward sensitivity: A test in current and former smokers. Nicotine & Tobacco Research 2017;19(6):723-728
Population studied:Smokers
Instrument Type:Assessment; Self-administered questionnaire
Validity/Reliability:In the source reference's evaluation of the psychometrics of the REI, internal reliability and test-retest reliability was excellent, concurrent validity was good, but predictive validity was unclear (Hughes et al 2017).

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