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AcronymInstrument NameDescription
1. 4P's Plus [more]
Chasnoff, Ira R. | Hung, Wei-Chen
2. TSPEQ 12-Step Participation Expectancies Questionnaire [more]
Kahler, Christopher W. | Kelly, John F. | Strong, David R. | Stuart, Gregory L. | Brown, Richard A.
3. AOS Abstinence Orientation Scale [more]
Caplehorn, John R. M. | Irwig, Les | Saunders, John B.
Abstinence-Related Motivational Engagement
Abstinence-Related Motivational Engagement - Short Form
Simmons, Vani N. | Heckman, Bryan W. | Ditre, Joseph W. | Brandon, Thomas H.
5. AC-COD AC-Co-Occurring Disorder Screen [more]
Cherry, Andrew L. | Dillon, Mary E. | Hellman, Chan M. | Barney, L. D.
6. AAQ-SA Acceptance and Action Questionnaire - Substance Abuse [more]
Luoma, Jason | Drake, Chad E. | Kohlenberg, Barbara S. | Hayes, Steven C.
7. AAII Acceptance of an Alcoholic Identity Instrument [more]
Pawlukewicz, Justine
8. AHIMSA Acculturation, Habits, and Interests Multicultural Scale for Adolescents [more]
Unger, Jennifer B. | Gallaher, Peggy | Shakib, Sohaila | Ritt-Olson, Anamara | Palmer, Paula H. | Johnson, C. Anderson
Acculturation Rating Scale for Mexican Americans [more]
Cuellar, Israel | Harris | Jasso
10. AHS Acute Hangover Scale [more]
Rohsenow, Damaris J. | Howland, Jonathan | Minsky, Sara J. | Greece, Jacey | Almeida, Alissa | Roehrs, Timothy A.
11. AAS Addiction Admission Scale [more]
Weed, Nathan C. | Butcher, James N. | McKenna, Thomas | Ben-Povath, Yossef S.
12. ABC Addiction Behaviors Checklist [more]
Wu, Stephen M. | Compton, Peggy | Bolus, Roger | Schieffer, Beatrix | Pham, Quynh | Baria, Ariel | Van Vort, Walter | Davis, Frederick | Shekelle, Paul | Naliboff, Bruce D.
13. ABI Addiction Belief Inventory [more]
Luke, Douglas A. | Ribisl, Kurt M. | Walton, Maureen A. | Davidson, William S.
14. ABS Addiction Belief Scale [more]
Schaler, Jeffrey A.
15. BRSA-A Addiction Brief Risk Scale Assessment [more]
Bogdanowicz, Karolina Magda | Stewart, Robert | Chang, Chin-Kuo | Downs, Johnny | Khondoker, Mizanur | Shetty, Hitesh | Strang, John | Hayes, Richard Derek
16. ACSES Addiction Counseling Self-Efficacy Scale [more]
Murdock, Tamera B. | Wendler, Alicia M. | Nilsson, Johanna E.
17. ADS-7 Addiction Disorder Screen-7 [more]
Howatt WA
18. APS Addiction Potential Scale [more]
Weed, Nathan C. | Butcher, James N. | McKenna, Thomas | Ben-Povath, Yossef S.
19. ARCI Addiction Research Center Inventory [more]
Haertzen, Charles A. | Hill, H. E. | Belleville, R. E.
20. ASI-B
Addiction Severity Index, 5th Ed. - Baseline
Addiction Severity Index, 5th Ed. - Follow-Up
McLellan, A. Thomas | Luborsky, Lester | O'Brien, Charles P. | Woody, George E.
21. ASI-Lite Addiction Severity Index - Lite [more]
McLellan, A. Thomas | Luborsky, Lester | Woody, George E. | O'Brien, Charles P.
22. ATAQ Addiction Treatment Attitudes Questionnaire [more]
Morgenstern, Jon | Frey, Ronni M. | McCrady, Barbara S. | Labouvie, Erich W. | Neighbors, Charles J.
23. ABQ Addictive Behaviors Questionnaire [more]
Malat, Jan | Collins, Jane | Dhayanandhan, Bramilee | Carullo, Frances | Turner, Nigel E.
24. ARSW Adjective Rating Scale for Withdrawal [more]
Bickel, Warren K. | Stitzer, Maxine I. | Bigelow, George E. | Liebson, Ira A. | Jasinski, Donald R. | Johnson, Rolley E.
25. AAIS Adolescent Alcohol Involvement Scale [more]
Mayer, J. | Filstead, William J.
26. ACEQ
Adolescent Cannabis Expectancies Questionnaire
Adolescent Alcohol Expectancies Questionnaire
Willner, Paul
27. CPQ-A Adolescent Cannabis Problems Questionnaire [more]
Martin, Greg | Copeland, Jan | Gilmour, Stuart | Gates, Peter | Swift, Wendy
28. ACDI Adolescent Chemical Dependency Inventory [more]
Behavior Data Systems, Ltd.
29. ADI Adolescent Diagnostic Interview [more]
Winters, Ken C. | Henly, George A.
30. ADSI Adolescent Domain Screening Inventory [more]
Corrigan, Matthew J. | Loneck, Barry | Videka, Lynn
31. ADi Adolescent Drinking Index [more]
Harrell, Adele V. | Wirtz, Philip W.
32. ADAD Adolescent Drug Abuse Diagnosis [more]
Friedman, Alfred S. | Utada, Arlene
33. ADIS Adolescent Drug Involvement Scale [more]
Moberg, D. Paul | Hahn, Lori
34. AKTOS Assessment Adolescent Kentucky Treatment Outcome Study Assessment [more]
Walker, Robert | Cole, Jennifer | Logan, TK | Scrivner, Allison
35. A-OCDS Adolescent Obsessive-Compulsive Drinking Scale [more]
Deas, Deborah | Roberts, James | Randall, Carrie L. | Anton, Raymond F.
36. APSI Adolescent Problem Severity Index [more]
Metzger, David S. | Kushner, Harvey | McLellan, A. Thomas
37. ARFQ Adolescent Reasons For Quitting [more]
Myers, Mark G.
38. ARCQ Adolescent Relapse Coping Questionnaire [more]
Myers, Mark G | Brown, Sandra A
39. ASAP Adolescent Self-Assessment Profile [more]
Wanberg, Kenneth W.
40. ASCQ Adolescent Smoking Consequences Questionnaire [more]
Lewis-Esquerre, Johanna M | Rodrigue, James R | Kahler, Christopher W
41. ASCOS Adolescent Smoking Curiosity Scale [more]
Khalil, Georges E. | Calabro, Karen S. | Prokhorov, Alexander V.
42. ASAGC Adolescent Substance Abuse Goal Commitment Questionnaire [more]
Kaminer, Yifrah | Ohannessian, Christine McCauley | McKay, James R. | Burke, Rebecca H.
43. ACDS Adult ADHD Clinical Diagnostic Scale [more]
Adler, Lenard | Spencer, Thomas | Biederman, Joseph
44. AISRS Adult ADHD Investigator Symptom Rating Scale [more]
Adler, Lenard | Spencer, Thomas | Biederman, Joseph
45. ASRS Adult ADHD Self-Report Scale [more]
Kessler, Ronald C. | Adler, Lenard | Ames, Minnie | Demler, Olga | Faraone, Steve | Hiripi, Eva | Howes, Mary J. | Jin, Robert | Secnik, Kristina | Spencer, Thomas | Ustin, T. Bedirhan | Walters, Ellen E.
Adult Substance Use and Driving Survey
Adult Substance Use and Driving Survey-Revised
Wanberg, Kenneth
47. ASUS Adult Substance Use Survey [more]
Wanberg, Kenneth W.
48. ASUS-R Adult Substance Use Survey-Revised [more]
Wanberg, Kenneth W.
49. ASIQ Adult Suicidal Ideation Questionnaire [more]
Reynolds, William M.
50. AWARE Advanced Warning of Relapse [more]
Miller, William R. | Harris, Richard J.
51. ACSUS Adverse Consequences of Substance Use Scale [more]
Mann, Robert E. | Rootman, Dan B. | Shuggi, Rania | Adlaf, Edward
52. AE Adverse Events (CTN) [more]
53. AIM Affect Intensity Measure [more]
Larsen, Randy J.
54. Ala-GAATOR Al-Anon General Alcoholics Anonymous Tools of Recovery [more]
Montgomery, Henry A.
55. AASE Alcohol Abstinence Self-Efficacy Scale [more]
DiClemente, Carlo C. | Carbonari, Joseph P. | Montgomery, Rosario P.G. | Hughes, Sheryl O.
56. AACRI Alcohol Abuse Coping Response Inventory [more]
Humke, Christiane | Radmitz, Cynthia L.
57. Alcohol Abuse/Dependence Screener
Drug Abuse/Dependence Screener
Rost, Kathryn | Burnam, M. Audrey | Smith, G. Richard
58. ADCS Alcohol and Drug Confrontation Scale [more]
Polcin, Douglas L. | Galloway, Gantt P. | Greenfield, Thomas K.
59. ADCQ Alcohol and Drug Consequences Questionnaire [more]
Cunningham, John A. | Sobell, Linda C. | Gavin, Douglas R. | Sobell, Mark B. | Breslin, F. Curtis
60. Alcohol (and Illegal Drugs) Decisional Balance Scale [more]
DiClemente, Carlo C.
61. AODI Alcohol and Other Drug Identification Scale [more]
Hohman, Melinda | Clapp, John D. | Carrilio, Terry E.
62. AB Alcohol Breathalyzer [more]
63. ACI Alcohol Clinical Index [more]
Skinner, Harvey A. | Holt, Stephen | Addiction Research Foundation (Ontario)
64. ACE Alcohol Craving Experience Questionnaire [more]
Statham, Dixie J. | Connor, Jason P. | Kavanagh, David J. | Feeney, Gerald F.X. | Young, Ross McD. | May, Jon | Andrade, Jackie
65. ACQ-NOW Alcohol Craving Questionnaire [more]
Singleton, Edward G. | Tiffany, Stephen T. | Henningfield, Jack E.
66. ACQ-R Alcohol Craving Questionnaire - Revised [more]
Raabe, Almut | Grusser, Sabine M | Wessa, Michele | Posschus, Jan | Flor, Herta
67. ACQ-SF-R Alcohol Craving Questionnaire - Short Form - Revised [more]
Singleton, Edward G. | Tiffany, Stephen T. | Henningfield, Jack E.
68. ACS-3F Alcohol Craving Scale Based on Three Factors [more]
Jimenez, Monica | Grana, Jose Luis | Montes, Victoria | Rubio, Gabriel
69. ADS Alcohol Dependence Scale [more]
Horn, John L. | Skinner, Harvey A. | Wanberg, Kenneth W. | Foster, F. Mark
70. ADF SSS Alcohol, Drugs and the Family Social Support Scale [more]
Toner, Paul | Velleman, Richard
71. AEI
Alcohol Education Inventory
Alchol Education Inventory--Revised
Miller, William R. | C'de Baca, J.
72. AEFQ Alcohol Effects Questionnaire [more]
Brown, Sandra A. | Goldman, Mark S. | Inn, Andres | Anderson, Lynn R.
73. AESASVQ Alcohol Expectancies Regarding Sex, Aggression, and Sexual Vulnerability [more]
Abbey, Antonia | McAuslan, Pam | Ross, Lisa Thomson | Zawacki, Tina
74. AEQ Alcohol Expectancy Questionnaire [more]
Goldman, Mark S. | Brown, Sandra A. | Christiansen, Bruce A.
75. AEQ-A Alcohol Expectancy Questionnaire - Adolescent [more]
Goldman, Mark S. | Brown, Sandra A. | Christiansen, Bruce A.
76. AEQ-AB Alcohol Expectancy Questionnaire - Adolescent, Brief [more]
Stein, L.A.R. | Katz, Brian | Colby, Suzanne M. | Barnett, Nancy P. | Golembeske, Charles Jr. | Lebeau-Craven, Rebecca | Monti, Peter M.
77. AET Alcohol Expectancy Task [more]
Kuntsche, Emmanuel | Kuntsche, Sandra
78. AI-IAT Alcohol Identity Implicit Associations Test [more]
Gray, Heather M. | LaPlante, Debi A. | Bannon, Brittany L. | Ambady, Nalini | Shaffer, Howard J.
79. AIMS Alcohol Intervention Mechanisms Scale [more]
Magill, Molly | Apodaca, Timothy R.
80. AKS
Alcohol Knowledge Survey and Drug Knowledge Survey [more]
Addiction Research Foundation (Ontario)
81. AOES Alcohol Outcome Expectancies Scale [more]
Leigh, Barbara C | Stacy, Alan W
82. AOM Alcohol Outcomes Module [more]
Smith, G. Richard Jr. | Babor, Thomas F. | Burnam, M. Audrey | Burns, Barbara J. | Kelleher, K. | Rost, Kathryn M.
83. APRA Alcohol Perceived Risks Assessment [more]
Duthie, L.A. | Baer, John S. | Marlatt, G. Alan
84. APS Alcohol Policy Scale [more]
Naimi, Timothy S.
85. AlQoL9 Alcohol Quality of Life [more]
Malet, Laurent | Llorca, Pierre-Michel | Beringuier, Berenice | Lehert, Philippe | Falissard, Bruno
86. ARS-CC Alcohol Reduction Strategies - Current Confidence [more]
Bonar, Erin E. | Rosenberg, Harold | Hoffmann, Erica | Kraus, Shane W. | Kryszak, Elizabeth | Young, Kathleen M. | Ashrafioun, Lisham | Pavlick, Michelle | Bannon, Erin E.
87. A-RSAQ Alcohol Relapse Situation Appraisal Questionnaire [more]
Martin, Rosemarie A. | MacKinnon, Selene M. | Johnson, Jennifer E. | Myers, Mark G. | Cook, Travis A. R. | Rohsenow, Damaris J.
88. ARAQ-28 Alcohol-Related Aggression Questionnaire [more]
McMurran, Mary | Egan, Vincent | Cusens, Bryany | Van Den Bree, Marianne | Austin, Elizabeth | Charlesworth, Philip
89. AGLOC Alcohol-Related God Locus of Control Scale [more]
Murray, Thomas S. | Goggin, Kathy | Malcarne, Vanessa L.
90. ARPS Alcohol-Related Problems Survey [more]
Moore, Alison A. | Hays, Ron D. | Reuben, D. B. | Beck, John C. | Fink, Arlene
91. ASQ Alcohol Sensitivity Questionnaire [more]
O'Neill, S. E.
92. ASSIST Alcohol, Smoking, and Substance Involvement Screening Test [more]
Henry-Edwards, Sue | Humeniuk, Rachel | Ali, Robert | Poznyak, Vladimir | Monteiro, Maristela | World Health Organization
93. ASRPT Alcohol-Specific Role Play Test [more]
Monti, Peter M. | Rohsenow, Damaris J. | Abrams, David B. | Zwick, William R. | Binkoff, J.A. | Munroe, S.M. | Fingeret, A.L. | Nirenberg, Ted D. | Liepman, M.R. | Pedraza, M. | Kadden, Ronald M. | Cooney, Ned L.
94. TLFB Alcohol Timeline Followback [more]
Sobell, Linda C.
95. ATOM Alcohol Treatment Outcome Measure [more]
Simpson, Melanie | Lawrinson, Peter | Copeland, Jan | Gates, Peter
96. AUQ Alcohol Urge Questionnaire [more]
Bohn, Michael J. | Krahn, Dean D. | Staehler, Beth A.
97. AUDADIS Alcohol Use Disorders and Associated Disabilities Interview Schedule [more]
Grant, Bridget F. | Hasin, Deborah S.
98. AUDIT Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test [more]
Babor, Thomas F. | de la Fuente, J.R. | Saunders, J. | Grant, Marcus | World Health Organization
Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test - Consumption Items [more]
Bush, Kristen R. | Kivlahan, Daniel R. | McDonell, Mary B. | Fihn, Stephan D. | Bradley, Katherine A.
100. AUI Alcohol Use Inventory [more]
Horn, John L. | Wanberg, Kenneth W. | Foster, F. Mark
101. AWSC Alcohol Withdrawal Symptom Checklist (Revised) [more]
Pittman, Brian | Gueorguieva, Ralitza | Krupitsky, Evgeny | Rudenko, Anatoly A. | Flannery, Barbara A. | Krystal, John H.
102. AIS Alcoholic Involvement Scale [more]
Gillies, Marion | Aharan, Charles | Smart, Reginald G. | Shain, Martin
103. AAAS Alcoholics Anonymous Affiliation Scale [more]
Humphreys, Keith | Kaskutas, Lee Ann | Weisner, Constance
104. AAIM Alcoholics Anonymous Intention Measure [more]
Zemore, Sarah E. | Kaskutas, Lee Ann
105. AAI Alcoholics Anonymous Involvement Scale [more]
Tonigan, J. Scott | Connors, Gerard J. | Miller, William R.
106. Alcoholism Self-Test [more]
National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence
107. Alcoholism Treatment Evaluation [more]
108. ATOS
Alcoholism Treatment Outcome Scale
Alcoholism Outcome Scale
Schuckit, Marc A. | Morrison, Charles R. | Gold, Eric O.
109. ABTI Allen Barriers to Treatment Instrument [more]
Allen, Karen
110. ADAS American Drug and Alcohol Survey [more]
Oetting, Eugene R | Edwards, Ruth W | Beauvais, Fred
111. AIES American Indian Enculturation Scale [more]
Winderowd, Carrie | Montgomery, Diane | Stumblingbear, Glenna | Harless, Desi | Hicks, Kaycie
112. ACSA Amphetamine Cessation Symptom Assessment [more]
McGregor, Catherine | Srisurapanont, Manit | Mitchell, Amanda | Longo, Marie C. | Cahill, Sharon | White, Jason M.
113. AEAS Anticipated Effects of Alcohol Scale [more]
Morean, Meghan E. | Corbin, William R. | Treat, Teresa A.
114. ARQ Anxiety Rumination Questionnaire [more]
Harwell, Brad D. | Cellucci, Tony | Iwata, Allison Lovering
115. ANH Areas in Need of Help Questionnaire [more]
Power, Robert | Hartnoll, Richard | Chalmers, Colin
116. AFCT Assertive Friend Cartoon Test [more]
Bobo, Janet Kay | Snow, William H. | Gilchrist, Lewayne D. | Schinke, Steven Paul
117. ACHI-A Assessment of Chemical Health Inventory - Adolescent Version [more]
118. ALEXSA Assessment of Liability and EXposure to Substance Use and Antisocial Behavior [more]
Ridenour, Ty A. | Clark, Duncan B. | Cottler, Linda B.
119. ARC Assessment of Recovery Capital [more]
Groshkova, Teodora | Best, David | White, William
120. ASMA Assessment of Substance Misuse in Adolescents [more]
Willner, Paul
121. ADS Athlete Drinking Scale [more]
Martens, Matthew P. | Watson, Jack C., II | Royland, Elizabeth M. | Beck, Niels C.
122. TAA The Attention Assessment [more]
Mills, Kenneth C. | Spruill, Susan E. | Walker, Jason M. | Lamson, Michael
123. ATiPP Attitude Toward Telemedicine in Psychiatry and Psychotherapy [more]
Tonn, Peter | Reuter, Silja Christin | Kuchler, Isabelle | Reinke, Britta | Hinkelmann, Lena | Stockigt, Saskia | Siemoneit, Hanna | Schulze, Nina
124. ADDS Attitudes on Drinking and Driving Scale [more]
Jewell, Jeremy D. | Hupp, Stephen | Luttrel, Greg
125. Attitudes to Methadone [more]
Caplehorn, John R. M. | Irwig, Les | Saunders, John B.
126. ATESTD Attitudes Toward Employment Screening and Testing for Drug Scale [more]
Mastrangelo, Paul M. | Popovich, Paula M.
127. ATPTM Attitudes Toward Psychotherapy Treatment Manuals Scale [more]
Addis, Michael E. | Krasnow, Aaron D.
128. Attitudes Towards Female Condom Use [more]
129. ATGS Attitudes Towards Gambling Scale [more]
Orford, Jim | Griffiths, Mark | Wardle, Heather | Sproston, Kerry | Erens, Bob
130. ATS-18 Attitudes Towards Smoking Scale [more]
Etter, Jean-Francois | Humair, Jean-Paul | Bergman, Manfred Max | Perneger, Thomas V
131. ATOP Australian Treatment Outcomes Profile [more]
Ryan, Anni | Holmes, Jennifer | Hunt, Vi | Dunlop, Adrian | Mammen, Kristie | Holland, Rohan | Sutton, Yvonne | Sindhusake, Doungkamol | Rivas, Gonzalo | Lintzeris, Nicholas
132. AUTOS Autonomy Over Smoking Scale
Autonomy Over Tobacco Scale
DiFranza, Joseph R. | Wellman, Robert J. | Ursprung, W. W. Sanouri A. | Sabiston, Catherine
133. BIS-11 Barratt Impulsiveness Scale [more]
Barratt, Ernest S.
134. BTI Barriers to Treatment Inventory [more]
Rapp, Richard C. | Xu, Jiangmin | Carr, Carey A. | Lane, Tim | Wang, Jichuan | Carlson, Robert G.
135. BAI Beck Anxiety Inventory [more]
Beck, Aaron T. | Epstein, Norman | Brown, Gary | Steer, Robert A.
136. BDI Beck Depression Inventory [more]
Beck, Aaron T. | Ward, C.H. | Mendelson, M. | Mock, J. | Erbaugh, J.
137. BASIS-32 Behavior and Symptom Identification Scale [more]
Eisen, Susan V | Grob, Mollie C
138. BECCI Behavior Change Counseling Index [more]
Lane, C. | Huws-Thomas, M. | Hook, K. | Rollnick, S. | Edwards, K. | Robling, M.
139. BRIEF-A Behavior Rating Inventory of Executive Function - Adult Version [more]
Roth, Robert M. | Isquith, Peter K. | Gioia, Gerard A.
140. BRAID Behavioral Risk Assessment for Infectious Diseases [more]
Dunn, Kelly E. | Barrett, Frederick S. | Herrmann, Evan S. | Plebani, Jennifer G. | Sigmon, Stacey C. | Johnson, Matthew W.
141. BADDS Behaviors and Attitudes Drinking and Driving Scale [more]
Jewell, Jeremy D. | Hupp, Stephen
142. BEI Behaviors and Experiences Inventory [more]
Hoffmann, Norman G. | Mee-Lee, David | Shulman, Gerald D.
143. BEACH-Q Behaviors, Expectancies, Attitudes, and College Health Questionnaire [more]
Bavarian, Niloofar | Flay, Brian R. | Ketcham, Patricia L. | Smit, Ellen
144. BDCQ Belongingness to a Drug Culture Questionnaire [more]
Moshier, Samantha J. | McHugh, R. Kathryn | Calkins, Amanda W. | Hearon, Bridget A. | Rosellini, Anthony J. | Weitzman, Meara L. | Otto, Michael W.
145. BSRI Bem Sex Role Inventory [more]
Bem, Sandra L.
146. BDEPQ Benzodiazepine Dependence Questionnaire [more]
Baillie, Andrew James | Mattick, Richard P.
147. BRSEQ Benzodiazepine Refusal Self-Efficacy Questionnaire [more]
Parr, Jannette M. | Kavanagh, David J. | Young, Ross M. | Connor, Jason P.
148. BWAS Benzodiazepine Withdrawal Assessment Scale [more]
Drug and Alcohol Services Council, South Australia
149. BWSQ1
Benzodiazepine Withdrawal Symptom Questionnaire [more]
Tyrer, Peter | Murphy, Siobhan | Riley, Patrick
150. BIQ Bicultural Involvement Questionnaire [more]
Szapocznik, José | Kurtines, W.M. | Fernandez, T.
151. BAES
Biphasic Alcohol Effects Scale
Anticipated Biphasic Alcohol Effects Scale
Brief Biphasic Alcohol Effects Scale
Martin, Christopher S. | Earleywine, Mitchell E. | Musty, Richard E. | Perrine, M. W. | Swift, Robert M.
152. BBV-TRAQ Blood-Borne Virus Transmission Risk Assessment Questionnaire [more]
Fry, Craig L | Rumbold, Greg | Lintzeris, Nick
153. BAM Brief Addiction Monitor [more]
Cacciola, John S. | Alterman, Arthur I. | DePhilippis, Dominick | Drapkin, Michelle L. | Valadez, Charles Jr. | Fala, Natalie C. | Oslin, David | McKay, James R.
154. BASDA Brief Addictive Behavior Social Density Assessment
Brief Alcohol Social Density Assessment
Fortune, Erica E. | MacKillop, James | Miller, Joshua D. | Campbell, W. Keith | Clifton, Allan D. | Goodie, Adam S.
155. BACH Brief Alcohol Consumption History [more]
Sanchez-Craig, Martha | Wilkinson, D. Adrian
156. BASIC Brief Alcohol Screening Instrument for Medical Care [more]
Bischof, Gallus | Reinhardt, Susa | Grothues, Janina | Meyer, Christian | John, Ulrich | Rumpf, Hans-Jurgen
157. BBGS Brief Bio-Social Gambling Screen [more]
Gebauer, Line | LaBrie, R. A. | Shaffer, H. J.
158. BBGS Brief Biosocial Gambling Screen [more]
Gebauer, Line | LaBrief, Richard | Shaffer, Howard J.
159. BDP Brief Drinker Profile [more]
Miller, William R. | Marlatt, G. Alan
160. BISF-W Brief Index of Sexual Functioning for Women [more]
Taylor, Jennifer F. | Rosen, Raymond C. | Leiblum, Sandra R.
161. BIRCS Brief Individual Readiness for Change Scale [more]
Goldman, Gerri DeLong
162. BOOK Brief Opioid Overdose Knowledge [more]
Dunn, Kelly E. | Barrett, Frederick S. | Yepez-Laubach, Claudia | Meyer, Andrew C. | Hruska, Bryce J. | Sigmon, Stacey C. | Fingerhood, Michael | Bigelow, George E.
163. BPI Brief Pain Inventory [more]
Cleeland, Charles S.
164. BPRS
Brief Psychiatric Rating Scale
Brief Psychiatric Rating Scale-Expanded
Overall, J.E. | Gorham, D.R.
165. BRI Brief Risk Interview [more]
Jones, Ted | Moore, Todd
166. BSTAD Brief Screener for Tobacco, Alcohol, and Other Drugs [more]
National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA)
167. Lifetime MDE Brief Screening Scale for Lifetime Major Depressive Episodes [more]
Hitsman, Brian | Buka, Stephen L | Veluz-Wilkins, Anna K. | Mohr DC | Niaura, Raymond | Gilman, Stephen E.
168. BSSS Brief Sensation Seeking Scale [more]
Hoyle, Rick H. | Stephenson, Michael T. | Palmgreen, Philip | Lorch, Elizabeth Pugzles | Donohew, R. Lewis
169. BSBS Brief Sexual Behaviors Survey [more]
Dimeff, Linda A. | Baer, John S. | Kivlahan, Daniel R. | Marlatt, G. Alan
170. BSFQ Brief Sexual Function Questionnaire [more]
Howell, Joseph R. | Reynolds, Charles F. III | Thase, Michael E. | Frank, Ellen | Jennings, J. Richard | Houck, Patricia R. | Berman, Susan | Jacobs, Elizabeth | Kupfer, David J.
171. Brief SCQ-A Brief Smoking Consequences Questionnaire - Adult [more]
Jeffries, Shawn K. | Catley, Delwyn | Okuyemi, Kolawole S. | Nazir, Niaman | McCarter, Kevin S. | Grobe, James E. | Ahluwalia, Jasjit S.
172. BSCQ-A Brief Smoking Consequences Questionnaire - Adult [more]
Rash, Carla J. | Copeland, Amy L.
173. BSCS Brief Substance Craving Scale [more]
Somoza, Eugene
174. BSI Brief Symptom Inventory [more]
Derogatis, Leonard R. | Melisaratos, Nick
175. BTOM Brief Treatment Outcome Measure [more]
Lawrinson, Peter | Copeland, Jan | Indig, Devon
176. Brief Treatment Update - Drug Version [more]
177. B-YAACQ Brief Young Adult Alcohol Consequences Questionnaire [more]
Kahler, Christopher W. | Strong, David R. | Read, Jennifer P.
178. BVC Broset Violence Checklist [more]
Woods, Phil | Almvik, Roger
179. B-PRPI Brown-Peterson Recovery Progress Inventory [more]
Brown, Howard P. Jr. | Peterson, John H. Jr.
180. ADH BSFT Therapist Adherence Form [more]
Robbins, Michael S. | Feaster, Daniel J. | Horigian, Viviana E. | Puccinelli, Marc J. | Henderson, Craig | Szapocznik, Jose
181. CEQ Caffeine Expectancy Questionnaire [more]
Heinz, Adrienne J. | Kassel, Jon D. | Smith, Everett V.
182. CWSQ Caffeine Withdrawal Symptom Questionnaire [more]
Juliano, Laura M. | Huntley, Edward D. | Harrell, Paul T. | Westerman, Ashley T.
183. CAGE CAGE [more]
Ewing, John A.
184. CAGE-AID CAGE - Adapted to Include Drugs [more]
Brown, Richard L. | Saunders, Laura A.
185. DHQ Cahalan's Drinking Habits Questionnaire [more]
Cahalan, Don | Cisin, Ira H. | Crossley, H.M.
186. CALPAS California Psychotherapy Alliance Scale [more]
Gaston, Louise | Marmar, Charles R.
187. CAN Camberwell Assessment of Need [more]
Phelan, Michael | Slade, Mike | Dunn, G., | Holloway, G. | Strathdee, G. | Thornicroft, Graham
188. CPGI Canadian Problem Gambling Index [more]
Wynne, Harold J.
189. CAST Cannabis Abuse Screening Test [more]
French Monitoring Center for Drug and Drug Addictions (OFDT)
190. CEQ Cannabis Expectancy Questionnaire [more]
Young, Ross McD. | Kavanaugh, D. J.
191. CEQ-MSM Cannabis Expectancy Questionnaire for Men Who Have Sex With Men [more]
Mullens, A. B. | Young, R. McD. | Dunne, M. | Norton, G.
192. CPQ Cannabis Problems Questionnaire [more]
Copeland, Jan | Swift, Wendy | Rees, Vaughn
193. CUDIT
Cannabis Use Disorders Identification Test [more]
Adamson, Simon J. | Sellman, J. Douglas
194. CUPIT Cannabis Use Problems Identification Test [more]
Bashford, Jan | Flett, Ross | Copeland, Jan
195. C-SOC Cartoon Stage of Change Measure [more]
Wells, Elizabeth A. | Calsyn, Donald A. | Clark, L.L. | Jackson, T. Ron
196. CAS Casino Attitudes Scale [more]
Sutton, Rosemary | Griffiths, Mark D.
197. CES-D Center for Epidemiological Studies - Depression Scale [more]
Radloff, Lenore S.
198. CYD Check Your Drinking Screener [more]
Cunningham, John A. | Humphreys, Keith | Kypri, Kypros | van Mierlo, Trevor
199. CDAP Chemical Dependency Assessment Profile [more]
Harrell, Thomas H. | Honaker, L. Michael | Davis, Elizabeth
200. CUAD Chemical Use, Abuse, and Dependence Scale [more]
McGovern, Mark P. | Morrison, Douglas H.
201. CAP Child Abuse Potential Inventory Form [more]
Milner, Joel S.
202. CAFAS Child and Adolescent Functional Assessment Scale [more]
Hodges, Kay
203. CHQ Child Health Questionnaire [more]
Landgraf, Jeanne M. | Abetz, L. | Ware Jr., John E.
204. CPSS Child PTSD Symptom Scale [more]
Foa, Edna B. | Johnson, Kelly M. | Feeny, Norah C. | Treadwell, Kimberli R.H.
205. Child Self Efficacy Scale [more]
Fertman, Carl I. | Primack, Brian A.
206. CTQ Childhood Trauma Questionnaire [more]
Bernstein, David P. | Fink, Laura
207. COALES Children of Alcoholics Life-Events Schedule [more]
Roosa, Mark W. | Sandler, Irwin N. | Gehring, Mary | Beals, Janette | Cappo, Laurel
208. CAST Children of Alcoholics Screening Test [more]
Jones, John W.
209. CAST-6 Children of Alcoholics Screening Test - Short Form [more]
Hodgins, David C. | Maticka-Tyndale, Eleanor | El-Guebaly, Nady | West, Malcolm
210. CYAYDU Chinese Youth Attitudes toward Young Drug Users [more]
Chui, Wing Hong | Chan, Heng Choon (Oliver)
211. CHISPA [more]
Ramos, Mary M. | Wamer, Teddy | Rosero, Daisy V. | Condon, Timothy P.
212. Choices Surveys [more]
Women's Health Project, University of Washington School of Social Work
213. CIS Christian Inventory of Spirituality [more]
Shorkey, Clayton T. | Windsor, Liliane Cambraia
214. CISS Christo Inventory for Substance-Misuse Services [more]
Christo, George
215. CIPI Chronic Illness Problem Inventory [more]
Kames, Linda D. | Naliboff, Bruce D. | Heinrich, Richard L. | Schag, Cyndie C.
216. CDS-12
Cigarette Dependence Scale [more]
Etter, Jean-Francois | Le Houezec, J. | Perneger, Thomas V.
217. CEQ / mCEQ Cigarette Evaluation Questionnaire / Modified Cigarette Evaluation Questionnaire [more]
Westman, Eric C. | Levin, E.D. | Rose, Jed E.
218. CPT Cigarette Purchase Task [more]
MacKillop, James | Murphy, James G. | Ray, Lara A. | Eisenberg, Daniel T. A. | Lisman, Stephen A. | Lum, J. Koji | Wilson, David S.
219. CWS-21 Cigarette Withdrawal Scale [more]
Etter, Jean-Francois
220. CMRS Circumstances, Motivation, and Readiness Scale [more]
De Leon, George | Melnick, Gerald | Kressel, David | Jainchill, Nancy
221. COVR Classification of Violence Risk [more]
Monahan, John | Steadman, Henry J. | Appelbaum, Paul S. | Grisso, Thomas | Mulvey, Edward P. | Roth, Loren H. | Robbins, Pamela Clark | Banks, Steven | Silver, Eric
222. Classifying a Smoker Scale [more]
Berg, Carla J. | Nehl, Eric | Sterling, Kymberle | Buchanan, Taneisha | Narula, Shana | Sutfin, Erin | Ahluwalia, Jasit S.
223. CEMI Client Evaluation of Motivational Interviewing [more]
Madson, Michael B. | Bullock, Emily E. | Speed, Alayna C. | Hodges, Shirley A.
224. CLA-PD Client Language Assessment – Proximal/Distal [more]
Magill, Molly | Apodaca, Timothy R. | Karno, Mitchell | Gaume, Jacques | Durst, Ayla | Walthers, Justin | Stout, Robert L. | DiClemente, Carlo
225. CSQ-18B Client Satisfaction Questionnaire - 18B [more]
Attkisson, C.C. | Larsen, D.L. | Hargreaves, W.A. | LeVois, M. | Nguyen, T.D. | Roberts, R.E. | Stegner, B.
226. CSI Client Substance Index [more]
Moore, David D.
227. CSI-S Client Substance Index - Short Form [more]
Thomas, D.W.
228. CAIS Clinical Alcoholism Interview Schedule [more]
Caetano, Raul | Edwards, Griffith | Oppenheim, A.N. | Taylor, Colin
229. CGI Clinical Global Impressions Scale [more]
Guy, W.
230. CGI-BP Clinical Global Impressions Scale for Bipolar Disorder [more]
Spearing, Melissa K. | Post, Robert M. | Leverich, Gabriele S. | Brandt, Diane | Nolen, Willem
231. CINA Clinical Institute Narcotic Assessment Scale for Withdrawal Symptoms [more]
Peachey, J.E. | Lei, H.
232. CIWA-AD
Clinical Institute Withdrawal Assessment for Alcohol
Clinical Institute Withdrawal Assessment for Alcohol, Revised
Sellers, Edward M. | Sullivan, John T. | Sykora, Kathy | Schneiderman, Joyce | Naranjo, Claudio A.
233. CIWA-B Clinical Institute Withdrawal Assessment Scale-Benzodiazepines [more]
Busto, Usoa E. | Sykora, Kathy | Sellers, Edward M.
234. CIDRRI Clinical Inventory of Dynamic Reoffending Risk Indicators [more]
Philipse, Martien W. G. | Koeter, Maarten W. J. | Van Der Staak, Cees P.F. | Van Den Brink, Wim
235. COWS Clinical Opiate Withdrawal Scale [more]
Wesson, Donald R. | Ling, Walter
236. CORE-OM Clinical Outcomes in Routine Evaluation - Outcome Measure [more]
Barkham, Michael | Evans, Chris | Margison, Frank | McGrath, Graeme | Mellor-Clark, John | Milne, Derek | Connell, Janice
237. CAPS-CA Clinician-Administered PTSD Scale for Children and Adolescents for DSM-IV [more]
Newman, E. | Ribbe, D.
238. CAPS Clinician-Administered PTSD Scale for DSM-IV [more]
Blake, Dudley D.
239. AUS Clinician Alcohol Use Scale [more]
Drake, Robert E. | Mueser, Kim T. | McHugo, Gregory J.
240. CSS Clinician and Supervisor Survey [more]
Ball, Samuel A. | Bachrach, Ken | DeCarlo, Jacqueline | Farentinos, Christiane | Keen, Melodie | McSherry, Terence | Polcin, Douglas L. | Snead, Ned | Sockriter, Richard | Wrigley, Paulen | Zammarelli, Lucy | Carroll, Kathleen M.
241. DUS Clinician Drug Use Scale [more]
Drake, Robert E | Mueser, Kim T | McHugo, Gregory J
242. Clinician Exit Survey [more]
Campbell, Aimee N.C. | Hartzler, Bryan | Hatch-Maillette, Mary | Calsyn, Donald A. | Miele, Gloria M.
243. CODSI Co-Occurring Disorders Screening Instrument [more]
Sacks, Stanley | Melnick, Gerald | Coen, Carrie | Banks, Steve | Friedmann, Peter D. | Grella, Christine | Knight, Kevin | Zlotnick, Caron
244. CCQ-Brief Cocaine Craving Questionnaire - Brief [more]
Sussner, Bradley D | Smelson, David L | Rodrigues, Stephanie | Kline, Anna | Losonczy, Miklos | Ziedonis, Douglas
245. CCQ-Gen
Cocaine Craving Questionnaire – General
Cocaine Craving Questionnaire - Now
Tiffany, Stephen T. | Singleton, Edward G. | Haertzen, Charles A. | Henningfield, Jack E.
246. CCS Cocaine Craving Scale [more]
Weiss, Roger D. | Griffin, Margaret L. | Hufford, Cathryn
247. CEEQ Cocaine Effect Expectancy Questionnaire [more]
Schafer, John | Brown, Sandra A.
248. CEQ Cocaine Experience Questionnaire [more]
Satell, Sally L. | Edell, William S.
249. CPQ Cocaine Paranoia Questionnaire [more]
Reid, Malcolm S. | Ciplet, Debra | O'Leary, Siobhan | Branchey, Marc | Buydens-Branchey, Laure | Angrist, Burt
250. CSSA Cocaine Selective Severity Assessment [more]
Kampman, Kyle | Volpicelli, Joseph R. | McGinnis, David E. | Alterman, Arthur I. | Weinrieb, Robert M. | D'Angelo, Lisa | Epperson, Louise E.
251. CAS Coercion Assessment Scale [more]
Dugosh, Karen | Festinger, D.S. | Croft, J.R. | Marlowe, D.B.
252. CLDH Cognitive Lifetime Drinking History [more]
Russell, Marcia | Marshall, J.R. | Trevisan, Maurizio | Freudenheim, Jo | Chan, Arthur W.K. | Markovic, N. | Vana, Joyce E. | Priore, Roger L.
253. CSPRS Collaborative Study Psychotherapy Rating Scale [more]
Evans, MD | Piasecki, JM | Kriss, MR | Hollon, Steven D.
254. CIF Collateral Interview Form [more]
Polich, J.M. | Orvis, B.R.
255. CAPS-r College Alcohol Problems Scale - Revised [more]
O'Hare, Tom
256. CDIS College Drinking Influences Survey [more]
Fisher, Celia B. | Fried, Adam L. | Anushko, Andrea
257. CLASS College Life Alcohol Salience Scale [more]
Osberg, Timothy M. | Atkins, Lindsay | Buchholz, Laura | Shrishova, Victoria | Swiantek, Andrew | Whitley, Jessica | Hartman, Sabrina | Oquenco, Natasha
258. Colorado Family Physicians' Attitudes Toward Medical Marijuana [more]
Kondrad, Elin | Reid, Alfred
259. COMBINE SAFTEE COMBINE Systematic Assessment for Treatment Emergent Events [more]
Johnson, Bankole A. | Ait-Daoud, Nassima | Roache, John D.
260. Combined Alcohol and Other Drug Contemplation Ladder [more]
Hogue, Aaron | Dauber, Sarah | Morgenstern, Jon
261. CCA Commitment to Change Algorithm [more]
Annis, Helen M. | Schober, Renate | Kelly, Elizabeth
262. CQSS Commitment to Quitting Smoking Scale [more]
Kahler, Christopher W. | LaChance, Heather R. | Strong, David R. | Ramsey, Susan E. | Monti, Peter M. | Brown, Richard A.
263. CSS Commitment to Sobriety Scale [more]
Kelly, John F. | Green, M. Claire
264. CAL Common Alcohol Logistics Scale [more]
Davis, Leo J. | Offord, Kenneth P. | Colligan, Robert C. | Morse, Robert M.
265. Communal Living In-Group Helping Scale [more]
Viola, Judah J. | Ferrari, Joseph R. | Davis, Margaret I. | Jason, Leonard A.
266. CAI Community Assessment Inventory [more]
Brown, Barry S. | O'Grady, Kevin E. | Battjes, Robert J. | Katz, Elizabeth C.
267. COPES Community Oriented Programs Environment Scale [more]
Moos, Rudolf H.
268. CRA-HS Community Reinforcement Approach Happiness Scale [more]
Meyers, Robert J. | Smith, Jane Ellen
269. CIDI
Composite International Diagnostic Interview [more]
Robins, Lee N. | Wing, John | Wittchen, Hans-Ulrich | Helzer, John E. | Babor, Thomas F. | Burke, J. | Farmer, A. | Jablensky, A. | Pickens, R. | Regier, Darrel A. | Sartorius, N. | Towle, Lee H.
270. CIDI-SAM Composite International Diagnostic Interview Substance Abuse Module (CIDI-SAM) [more]
Cottler, Linda B.
271. CQF Composite Quantity Frequency Index [more]
Polich, J.M. | Orvis, B.R.
272. CAAPE Comprehensive Addictions and Psychological Evaluation [more]
Hoffmann, Norman G.
273. CASI Comprehensive Adolescent Severity Inventory [more]
Meyers, Kathleen | McLellan, A. Thomas | Jaeger, Judith L. | Pettinati, Helen M.
274. CAEQ Comprehensive Alcohol Expectancy Questionnaire [more]
Demmel, R. | Hagen, J.
275. CDP Comprehensive Drinker Profile [more]
Miller, William R. | Marlatt, G. Alan
276. CEOA
Comprehensive Effects of Alcohol Questionnaire
Brief Comprehensive Effects of Alcohol Questionnaire
Fromme, Kim | Stroot, Elizabeth A. | Kaplan, David | Addictive Behaviors Research Center
277. CHAT Comprehensive Health Assessment for Teens [more]
Lord, Sarah E. | Trudeau, Kimberlee J. | Black, Ryan A. | Lorin, Lucy | Cooney, Elizabeth | Villapiano, Albert | Butler, Stephen F.
278. CMMQ Comprehensive Marijuana Motives Questionnaire [more]
Lee, Christine M. | Neighbors, Clayton | Hendershot, Christian S. | Grossbard, Joel R.
279. CBS Compulsive Buying Scale [more]
Valence, Gilles | d'Astous, Alain | Fortier, Louis | Faber, Ronald J. | O'Guinn, T.
280. CIUS Compulsive Internet Use Scale [more]
Meerkerk, G. J. | Van den Eijnden, R. J. J. M. | Vermulst, A. A. | Garretsen, H. F. L.
281. CSBI Compulsive Sexual Behavior Inventory [more]
Coleman, Eli | Miner, Michael | Ohlerking, Fred | Raymond, Nancy
282. CLA Computerized Lifestyle Assessment [more]
Skinner, Harvey A. | Allen, Barbara A.
283. CBS Condom Barriers Scale
Condom Barriers Scale for Men
St Lawrence, Janet S. | Chapdelaine, Anthony P. | Devieux, Jessy G. | O'Bannon, Robert E. III | Brasfield, Ted L. | Eldridge, Gloria D.
284. CUSES Condom Use Self-Efficacy Scale
Condom Use Self-Efficacy Scale - Women's Version
Brafford, Linda J. | Beck, Kenneth H.
285. CUSM Condom Use Skill Measure [more]
286. CTSPC Conflict Tactics Scales: Parent-Child Version [more]
Straus, Murray A. | Hamby, Sherry L. | Finkelhor, David | Moore, David W. | Runyan, Desmond K.
287. CAADID Conners' Adult ADHD Diagnostic Interview for DSM-IV [more]
Conners, C. Keith | Erhardt, Drew | Sparrow, Elizabeth
288. CAARS Connors Adult ADHD Rating Scales [more]
Conners, C. Keith | Erhardt, Drew | Sparrow, Elizabeth
289. CHQ Consumptive Habits Questionnaire [more]
Guidi, Jenny | Pender, Maribeth | Hollon, Steven D. | Zisook, Sidney | Schwartz, Faye H. | Pedrelli, Paola | Farabaugh, Amy | Fava, Maurizio | Petersen, Timothy J.
290. CLADDER Contemplation Ladder [more]
Biener, Lois | Abrams, David B.
291. CMBQ Contingency Management Beliefs Questionnaire [more]
Rash, Carla J. | Petry, Nancy M. | Kirby, Kimberly C. | Martino, Steve | Roll, John | Stitzer, Maxine L.
292. CMCS Contingency Management Competence Scale [more]
Petry, Nancy M. | Alessi, Sheila M. | Ledgerwood, David M. | Sierra, Sean
293. CM-TAM Contingency Management Therapist Adherence Measure [more]
Chapman, Jason E. | Sheidow, Ashli J. | Henggeler, Scott W. | Halliday-Boykins, Colleen A. | Cunningham, Phillippe B.
294. CDSES Controlled Drinking Self-Efficacy Scale - Moderate Drinking Version [more]
Sitharthan, Thiagarajan | Kavanagh, David J.
295. CBI Coping Behaviours Inventory [more]
Litman, Gloria K. | Stapleton, John | Oppenheim, A.N. | Peleg, Michelle
296. CSS Coping Strategies Scale [more]
Litt, Mark D. | Cadden, Ronald M. | Cooney, Ned L. | Kabela, Elise
297. CCAPS-62 Counseling Center Assessment of Psychological Symptoms-62 [more]
Locke, Benjamin D. | Buzolitz, Johanna Soet | Lei, Pui-Wa | Boswell, James F. | McAleavey, Andrew A. | Sevig, Todd D. | Dowis, Jerome D. | Hayes, Jeffrey A.
298. CCFS Counselor Compassion Fatigue Scale [more]
Fisher, Silvia Kay | Fisher, Ronnie
299. CRAFFT CRAFFT [more]
Knight, John R. | Shrier, Lydia | Bravender, Terrill.D. | Farrell, Michelle | Vander Bilt, Joni | Shaffer, Howard J.
300. CEQ Craving Experience Questionnaire [more]
May, Jon | Andrade, Jackie | Kavanagh, David J. | Feeney, Gerald F. X. | Gullo, Mathew J. | Statham, Dixie J. | Skorka-Brown, Jessica | Connolly, Jennifer M. | Cassimatis, Mandy | Young, Ross McD. | Connor, Jason P.
301. CUGE [more]
Aertgeers, B. | Buntinx, F. | Bande-Knops, J. | Vandermeulen, C. | Roelants, M. | Ansoms, S. | Fevery, J.
302. CIRS-SA Cumulative Illness Rating Scale (Substance Abuse) [more]
Castillo, Claudio | Bulbena, Antoni | Serras, E. | Torrens, Marta | Lopez-Colomes, J.L. | Martinez, M. | Politinska, B.
303. CBS Current Behavior Scale Self-Report [more]
Barkley, Russell A.
304. COMM Current Opioid Misuse Measure [more]
Butler, Stephen F. | Budman, Simon H. | Fernandez, Katherine C. | Houle, Brian | Benoit, Christine | Katz, Nathaniel | Jamison, Robert N.
305. CDDR Customary Drinking and Drug Use Record [more]
Brown, Sandra A. | Myers, Mark G. | Lippke, Linna | Tapert, Susan F. | Stewart, David G. | Vik, Peter W.
306. Daily Alcohol-Related Consequences and Evaluations for Young Adults [more]
Lee, Christine M. | Cronce, Jessica M. | Fairlie, Anne M. | Atkins, David C. | Zimmerman, Lindsey | Baldwin, Scott A. | Patrick, Megan E. | Larimer, Mary E. | Leigh, Barbara C.
307. DDQ Daily Drinking Questionnaire [more]
Collins, R. Lorraine | Parks, George A. | Marlatt, G. Alan
308. DFAQ-CU Daily Sessions, Frequency, Age of Onset, and Quantity of Cannabis Use Inventory [more]
Cuttler, Carrie | Spradlin, Alexander
309. DALI Dartmouth Assessment of Lifestyle Inventory [more]
Rosenberg, Stanley D. | Drake, Robert E. | Wolford, George L. | Mueser, Kim T. | Oxman, Thomas E. | Vidaver, Robert M. | Carrieri, Karen L. | Luckoor, Ravindra
310. DASA Target Data Elements [more]
Washington State Division of Alcohol and Substance Abuse (DASA)
311. DBI Decisional Balance Inventory [more]
Velicer, Wayne F. | DiClemente, Carlo C. | Prochaska, James O. | Brandenburg, Nancy
312. DBI-A Decisional Balance Inventory for Smoking: Adolescent Form [more]
Pallonen, Unto E. | Prochaska, James O. | Velicer, Wayne F. | Prokhorov, Alexander V. | Smith, Nelson F.
313. DBI-SF Decisional Balance Inventory - Short Form [more]
Fava, Joseph L. | Rossi, Joseph S. | Velicer, Wayne F. | Prochaska, James O.
314. DBS-PD-20 Decisional Balance Scale for Problematic Prescription Drug Use [more]
Braun, Sabine I. | Bischof, Gallus | Rumpf, Hans-Jürgen
315. DAS Delinquent Activities Scale [more]
Reavy, Racheal | Stein, L. A. R. | Paiva, Andrea | Quina, Kathryn | Rossi, Joseph S.
316. DEM Demographics Screening (CTN) [more]
317. DRS Denial Rating Scale [more]
Goldsmith, R.J. |