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1 Addiction Center
Description: Addiction Center is an online information and referral service for individuals with drug or alcohol problems. Treatment center reviews are based on original research, interviews, public information and experiences of past residents.
Subjects: Alcoholism treatment | Drug abuse treatment
Categories: Treatment
2 Addiction Recovery Guide
Description: Internet guide to recovery and treatment resources; includes 12-step, holistic, traditional treatment.
Subjects: Drug abuse treatment | Alcoholism treatment | Twelve-step programs | Holistic medicine
Categories: Treatment | Recovery Resources
3 Alcohol Help Center
Description: Produced by a for-profit eHealth company. This version contains an online support group. Personalized versions are available for a fee. Customers can create their own plan, connect with others, and ask the Support Specialists for support and advice.
Subjects: Alcoholism treatment | Internet counseling
Categories: Recovery Resources
4 Centre for Alcohol and Drug Research (Denmark)
Description: The Centre for Alcohol and Drug Research is affiliated under the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Aarhus. CRF was established January 1st 1993, and is mainly funded with government research grants. It offers 6-7 permanent masterships in affiliation with the University of Aarhus. The research staff come from Psychology, Ethnography, Communication and Media, Law etc. Projects have include DanRIS (about residential treatment in Denmark); methadone maintenance treatment research; and substance abuse treatment for women and men in prison. CRF publishes the journal "STOF."
Subjects: Methadone maintenance | Offenders | Alcoholism treatment | Women
Categories: ATOD Research Centers - International
5 Ensuring Solutions to Alcohol Problems
Description: As part of The George Washington University Medical Center, Ensuring Solutions provides research-based information on effective alcohol treatment and the barriers many people face when they seek help for a drinking problem. By publishing a variety of publicly available resources, by working with major corporations, government agencies and leading organizations like the National Business Coalition on Health, and by drawing on the actual experiences of employers and ordinary people, Ensuring Solutions shows how successful efforts to increase access to alcohol treatment have improved the lives of many individuals and their families, increased productivity in the workplace and made communities safer.
Subjects: Alcoholism treatment
Categories: Information Resources
6 Helping Others Research Project, Case Western Reserve University
Description: The mission of the “Helping Others” Research Project at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry, Division of Child Psychiatry is to improve the quality of life for youth, families, and communities by providing a continuum of scientific information, education, and personal experiences on the role of service in addiction recovery. Maria Pagano, P.I. and Director.
Subjects: Alcoholism treatment | Alcoholics Anonymous | Recovery
Categories: ATOD Research Centers - U.S. | Recovery Resources
7 INEBRIA ; International Network on Brief Interventions for Alcohol Problems
Description: INEBRIA was founded in 2004, after Phase IV of the WHO Collaborative Project on Identification and Management of Alcohol-Related Problems in Primary Health Care. A group of researchers got together to form an international network of people interested in promoting alcohol screening and brief interventions across the world. INEBRIA's overall aim is to promote the implementation of brief interventions in a variety of settings for hazardous and harmful alcohol consumption at local, national and international levels. It is supported by the Health Department of the Government of Catalonia in Spain. Membership is free and is open to any individual with demonstrated experience in the area of Brief Interventions for alcohol problems. A conference is held annually.
Subjects: Alcoholism treatment | Brief intervention
Categories: Organizations and Advocacy

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