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1 Center for Drug Addiction Research
Description: University of Washington, Seattle. Multidisciplinary group that brings together investigators studying various actions of drugs of abuse (opiates, cocaine, amphetamine, cannabis, MDMA). Director: Charles Chavkin, PhD. (member Confederation of Northwest Addiction Research Centers)
Subjects: Cocaine | Amphetamines | Marijuana | Ecstasy | Heroin
Categories: ATOD Research Centers - U.S. | Washington State
2 Cocaine Anonymous
Description: Twelve-step group.
Subjects: Twelve-step programs | Cocaine
Categories: Organizations and Advocacy | Recovery Resources
3 NIDA InfoFacts: Science-Based Facts on Drug Abuse and Addiction
4 Substance Treatment and Research Service (STARS)
Description: New York State Psychiatric Institute and Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center. Provides treatment of alcohol, cocaine, heroin, and marijuana addiction to communities in the Metropolitan New York area. Treatment is confidential and costs nothing.
Subjects: Cocaine | Marijuana | Heroin
Categories: ATOD Research Centers - U.S.

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