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1 American Dental Association, Methampehtamine use: Meth Mouth
Description: Includes an overview of methamphetamine use and oral health, as well as links to ADA news and additional resources on this topic.
Subjects: Methamphetamine | Dental problems
Categories: Professional Societies
2 Crystal Meth Anonymous
Description: Crystal Meth Anonymous is a 12 step fellowship for those in recovery from addiction to crystal meth.
Subjects: Twelve-step programs | Methamphetamine
Categories: Recovery Resources | Organizations and Advocacy
3 Methamphetamine Abuse Research Center (MARC)
Description: The Methamphetamine Abuse Research Center at Oregon Health Sciences University and the Portland VA Medical Center is a new NIDA center approaching drug research in a translational context -- they study meth addiction "from bench to bedside" -- all the way from the genetics or pharmacology lab to the patient who comes in for treatment. Aaron Janowaky, Director
Subjects: Methamphetamine
Categories: ATOD Research Centers - U.S.

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