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1 NIDA InfoFacts: Science-Based Facts on Drug Abuse and Addiction
2 Non-Medical Use and Abuse: Prescription-Type and Over-the-Counter (SAMHSA)
Description: SAMHSA's page with reports and statistics about prescription and OTC drug abuse.
Subjects: Prescription-type opiates | Prescription stimulants | Over-the-counter drugs | Prescription drugs
Categories: Government Agencies - U.S. | Information Resources | Statistical Resource
3 Take Back Your Meds
Description: Web site developed by a group of health organizations, police departments, drug stores, local governments, and others in Washington State to help support medication take-back programs to reduce access to prescription drugs. Includes information on how and where to dispose of prescription medications as well as links to news, media, and other resources.
Subjects: Prescription drugs | Prescription-type opiates | Prescription stimulants
Categories: Washington State | Information Resources | Organizations and Advocacy

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