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1 Crime : Drugs and Substance Abuse
Description: The Office of Justice Programs (OJP) launched CrimeSolutions. gov, a central resource to inform practitioners and policymakers about what works in criminal justice, juvenile justice, and crime-victim services, and to help them integrate these findings into programmatic and policy decisions. The Web site offers a searchable database of 150 evidence-based programs covering a range of justice-related topics, including corrections, courts, crime prevention, substance abuse, juveniles, law enforcement, technology and forensics, and victims. The section on Drugs and Substance Abuse contains three links : Drug and Alcohol Crime and Offenses, Prevention and Education, and Treatment, with lists of programs that are Effective, Promising or Show No Effects.
Subjects: Drug abuse treatment | Evidence-based practice | Prevention evaluation | School-based prevention
Categories: Government Agencies - U.S.
2 Prevention Research Center (PRC)
Description: (Oakland, CA) The Prevention Research Center (PRC) of the Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation was formed in 1983 as a national center for prevention research. PRC's focus is on conducting research to better understand the social and physical environments that influence individual behavior that leads to alcohol and drug misuse. PRC is one of sixteen centers sponsored by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA), of the U.S. National Institutes of Health, and is the only one that specializes in preventioDirector: Joel W. Grube, PhD.
Subjects: Prevention evaluation
Categories: ATOD Research Centers - U.S.
3 Social Development Research Group (SDRG)
Description: University of Washington, Seattle. SDRG's research seeks to promote achievement and success as well as prevent and treat health and behavior problems among young people. Drug abuse, delinquency, risky sexual behavior, violence, and school dropout are among the problems addressed. Director: Richard F. Catalano, PhD, Founding Director: J. David Hawkins, PhD. (member Confederation of Northwest Addiction Research Centers)
Subjects: Juvenile delinquency | Prevention evaluation
Categories: ATOD Research Centers - U.S. | Washington State

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