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1 Alcohol/Drug 24 Hour Help Line (ADHL)
Description: NOTE: Closed in March, 2012 -- The Alcohol/Drug Help Line (ADHL) provided referral and information for Washington state residents with alcohol and other drug-related problems. Services replaced by the Washington State Recovery Help Line
Subjects: Telephone counseling and hotlines
Categories: Washington State
2 Teenline
Description: Part of the Alcohol 24 Hour Helpline since 1989, Teenline is a non-profit agency providing 24 hour crisis intervention and referral services for adolescents in Washington State.
Subjects: Adolescents | Telephone counseling and hotlines
Categories: Washington State
3 Warrior Check-Up
Description: A University of Washington Innovative Programs Research Group (IPRG), The Warrior Check-Up is a telephone intervention for active duty soldiers who have questions or are concerned about their alcohol, substance, or prescription drug use. The Warrior Check-Up study provides free, confidential counseling that lets soldiers think about their experiences with substance use and, with the help of a counselor, think through what to do next. For soldiers who decide they want to decrease their substance use, counselors can help them find substance abuse services, including treatment programs, community mental health services, support groups and self-help resources.
Subjects: Military and veterans | Telephone counseling and hotlines | UW author
Categories: Washington State | Recovery Resources | ATOD Research Centers - U.S. | Government Agencies - U.S.

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