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1. 12-Step Facilitation Therapy
Nowinski, Joseph
Population: Alcohol abusers and alcoholics ; Concurrent alcohol-cocaine abuse and dependency ; Diverse socioeconomic, educational, and cultural backgrounds and a range of maladjustment ; Project MATCH participants ; Adults
2. Acamprosate (Campral)
Manufactured by Forest Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Population: Adults
3. Adolescent Community Reinforcement Approach (A-CRA) and Assertive Continuing Care (ACC)
Godley, Susan H. ; Meyers, Robert J. ; Smith, Jane Ellen ; Karvinen, Tracy ; Titus, Janet C. ; Godley, Mark D. ; Dent, George ; Passetti, Lora ; Kelbert, Pamela
Population: Adolescents
4. Anger Management for Substance Abuse and Mental Health Clients: Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy
Reilly, Patrick M ; Shopshire, Michael S
Population: Adults ; Men ; Women ; Co-occurring disorders clients ; Military and veterans
5. Behavioral Couples (Marital) Therapy
Fals-Stewart, William ; Birchler, Gary R ; O'Farrell, Timothy J
Population: Adults ; Polydrug-abusing men ; Polydrug-abusing women ; Alcohol-abusing men ; Alcohol-abusing women ; Methadone maintenance clients ; Naltrexone patients ; Cocaine-dependent men
6. Behavioral Self-Control Training (BSCT)
Miller, William R ; Munoz, Ricardo F ; Hester, Reid K ; Robertson, Ian ; Heather, Nick ; Sanchez-Craig, Martha A ; Sobell, Mark B ; Sobell, Linda C ; Vogler, Roger E
Population: Adults ; Men ; Women ; Young adults
7. Behavioral Therapy for Adolescents
Azrin, Nathan H
Population: Adolescents
8. Brief Alcohol Screening and Intervention for College Students (BASICS): A Harm Reduction Approach
Dimeff, Linda A ; Baer, John S ; Kivlahan, Daniel R ; Marlatt, G Alan
Population: College students ; Non-treatment-seeking young adults ; Military and veterans
9. Brief Cognitive Behavioral Intervention for Amphetamine Users
Baker, Amanda ; Kay-Lambkin, Francis ; Lee, Nicole K ; Claire, Melissa ; Jenner, Linda
Population: Long-term, regular amphetamine users ; Polydrug users (including amphetamine users) ; Adults
10. Brief Intervention
Fleming, Michael ; Miller, William R
Population: Adults ; Adolescents (alcohol, not tobacco) ; College students 18 to 24 years old ; Young adults (age 18-30)
11. Brief Marijuana Dependence Counseling (BMDC)
Steinberg, Karen L. ; Roffman, Roger A. ; Carroll, Kathleen M. ; McRee, Bonnie ; Babor, Thomas F. ; Miller, Michael ; Kadden, Ronald ; Duresky, David ; Stephens, Robert
Population: Adults ; African Americans ; Hispanics
12. Brief Strategic Family Therapy (BSFT)
Szapocznik, Jose ; Hervis, Olga ; Schwartz, Seth
Population: Adolescents ; Hispanics ; Adults
13. Buprenorphine (Suboxone and Subutex)
Reckitt Benckiser ; National Institute on Drug Abuse
Population: Adults
14. Cannabis Youth Treatment
Dennis, Michael L ; Babor, Thomas F ; Diamond, Guy ; Donaldson, Jean ; Godley, Susan H ; Titus, Janet C ; Tims, Frank M ; Webb, Charles ; Herrell, Jim
Population: Adolescents
15. Cognitive Behavioral Coping Skills Therapy
Longabaugh, Richard ; Monti, Peter M
Population: Adults ; Project MATCH participants
16. Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy
Carroll, Kathleen M.
Population: Adults
17. Combined Behavioral & Nicotine Replacement Therapy
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
Population: Adults
18. Combined Scheduled Reduced Smoking & Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Cinciripini, Paul M ; Lapitsky, Lynn G ; Wallfisch, Annette ; Van Vunakis, Helen
Population: Adolescents ; Adults
19. Community Reinforcement Approach (CRA) with Vouchers
Higgins, Stephen T ; Budney, Alan J
Population: Caucasians (primarily) ; Intravenous drug users/IDU ; Adults ; Adolescents
20. Contingency Management (Without Community Reinforcement)
Silverman, Kenneth ; Higgins, Stephen T ; Brooner, Robert K ; Montoya, Isaac D ; Schuster, Charles R
Population: African Americans ; Low-income ; Methadone maintenance clients ; Intravenous drug users/IDU ; Adults
21. Day Treatment with Abstinence Contingencies and Vouchers
Milby, Jesse B ; Schumacher, Joseph E
Population: Homeless ; Adults
22. Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)
Linehan, Marsha M
Population: Co-occurring disorders clients ; Adults with borderline personality disorder and substance abuse problems ; Women ; Adolescents
23. Downward Spiral: The Game You Really Don’t Want to Play
Czuchry, Michael ; Sia, Tiffany L ; Dansereau, Donald F ; Blankenship, Jason
Population: Adults ; College students 18 to 24 years old ; Criminal justice (e.g. probationers remanded for treatment)
24. Family Behavior Therapy (FBT)
Azrin, Nathan ; Donohue, Brad
Population: Adolescents ; Young adults ; Adults
25. Family Support Network for Adolescent Cannabis Users (FSN)
Hamilton, Nancy L ; Brantley, Laura Bunch ; Tims, Frank M ; Angelovich, Nancy ; McDougall, Barbara
Population: Adolescents meeting ASAM Level I (outpatient) or Level II (intensive outpatient) criteria and who use marijuana as primary drug of abuse.
26. Functional Family Therapy
Alexander, James F. ; Barton, Cole ; Gordon, Donald ; et al.
Population: Adolescents ; Juvenile offenders
27. Group Drug Counseling for Cocaine Addiction: The Collaborative Cocaine Treatment Study Model
Daley, Dennis C ; Mercer, Delinda E ; Carpenter, Gloria
Population: Adults ; Men ; Women
28. Holistic Harm Reduction Program (HHRP+)
Avants, S Kelly ; Margolin, Arthur
Population: HIV positive injection drug users ; Adults ; African Americans ; Methadone maintenance clients
29. Individual Drug Counseling Approach to Treat Cocaine Addiction
Mercer, Delinda E ; Woody, George E
Population: Adults ; Men ; Women
30. Lower-Cost Contingency Management / Motivational Incentives
Petry, Nancy M ; Martin, Bonnie
Population: Adults ; Methadone maintenance clients
31. Matrix Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) for the Treatment of Stimulant Abuse
Rawson, Richard A.
Population: Adults ; Adolescents
32. Methadone Maintenance Treatment / Opiate Substitution Treatment
Dole, Vincent P., MD ; Nyswander, Marie, MD ; Kreek, Mary Jane, MD
Population: Adults ; Men ; Women
33. Motivational Enhancement Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Adolescent Cannabis Users
Kadden, Ronald M ; Sampl, Susan
Population: Adolescents
34. Motivational Enhancement Therapy (MET) (Problem Drinkers)
Miller, William R ; Zweben, Allen ; DiClemente, Carlo C ; Rychtarik, Robert G
Population: Adults ; Project MATCH participants
35. Multidimensional Family Therapy
Liddle, Howard A
Population: Adolescents ; Adolescent males ; African Americans
36. Multisystemic Therapy (MST)
Henggeler, Scott W.
Population: Adolescents, especially chronic juvenile offenders.
37. Naltrexone (for Alcohol)
Naltrexone is marketed as Revia™ by DuPont Pharmaceuticals
Population: Adults
38. Naltrexone (for Opiates)
Cornish, James, MD
Population: Adults ; White-collar patients (e.g. doctors, nurses, lawyers) ; Criminal justice (e.g. federal probationers and parolees) ; Offenders
39. Node-Link Mapping: Mapping New Roads to Recovery: Cognitive Enhancements to Counseling
Dansereau, Donald F ; Dees, Sandra M ; Chatham, Lois R ; Boatler, Jeannie F ; Simpson, D Dwayne
Population: Not specified, potentially applicable to most clients ; Clients with low verbal skills ; Adults ; Adolescents
40. Parent-Child Assistance Program (PCAP)
Ernst, Cara C. ; Grant, Therese M. ; Streissguth, Ann P. ; Sampson, Paul D.
Population: Pregnant women ; Children ; Women
41. Real Men Are Safe (REMAS): A Gender-Focused HIV and Sexual Risk Reduction Intervention for Men in Substance Abuse Treatment
Calsyn, Donald A. ; Berns, Sara B. ; Hatch-Maillette, Mary A. ; Tross, Susan
Population: Adults ; Men
42. Relapse Prevention Therapy
Marlatt, G. Alan
Population: Adults ; Adolescents ; Many patient types
43. Safer Sex Skills Building (SSSB): A Manual for HIV/STD Safer Sex Skills Groups for Women in Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment
Tross, Susan ; Calsyn, Donald A. ; Miele, Gloria M. ; Cohen, Lisa R. ; Campbell, Aimee N. C. ; El-Bassel, Nabila
Population: Adults ; Women
44. Seeking Safety: A Psychotherapy for Trauma/PTSD and Substance Abuse
Najavits, Lisa M
Population: Adolescents ; Adults ; Women ; Incarcerated women ; Low-income women ; Women with co-occurring disorders ; Men ; Mixed-gender with post-traumatic stress disorder ; People with a history of trauma who do not meet criteria for PTSD
45. Supportive-Expressive Psychotherapy
Luborsky, Lester
Population: Methadone maintenance clients with psychiatric problems ; Co-occurring disorders clients ; Adults
46. Time Out! for Me: An Assertiveness and Sexuality Workshop Specially Designed for Women
Bartholomew, Norma G ; Chatham, Lois R ; Simpson, D Dwayne
Population: Women ; Adults
47. Time Out! for Men: A Communication Skills and Sexuality Workshop for Men
Bartholomew, Norma G ; Simpson, D Dwayne
Population: Adults ; Men
48. Treating Tobacco Use and Dependence. Clinical Practice Guideline.
Fiore, Michael C (panel chair) ; Guideline panel members
Population: Adults ; Adolescents ; Children ; Pregnant women ; Smokers with co-occurring mental illness and/or chemical dependency ; Men ; Women

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