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Substance Use Screening & Assessment Instruments Database

Principal Investigator:
Nancy Sutherland, MLS
Associate Director, Alcohol and Drug Abuse Institute
Alcohol and Drug Abuse Institute

Sponsor: Washington State Division of Alcohol and Substance Abuse
Categories: Training / Information

Other Investigators: Meg Brunner, MLIS; Pam Miles, MLS

Description: The Substance Use Screening & Assessment Instruments web site and database is intended to help clinicians and researchers find instruments used for screening and assessment of substance use and substance use disorders. The database currently has records about more than 350 instruments and is updated regularly.

This web site features a searchable database of questionnaires and measures used in clinical practice and research on substance abuse. It includes instruments with proven clinical utility and research validity, as well as newer instruments that have not yet been thoroughly evaluated but may be of interest to someone doing research on AOD assessment. Records cite the name, acronym, and developer(s) of the measures as well as a brief description. They are indexed by population group, purpose of instrument (e.g. diagnostic, treatment planning) and administration format (e.g. self- or clinician-administered), among other criteria. Records include information about scoring and administration, psychometrics, source, and related references. Scales that are in the public domain can be downloaded in PDF format or are linked to a web site. For instruments that are proprietary, information about their availability and pricing is given if known. Other features of the web site include a brief glossary of terms about assessment, an annotated list of resources for finding instruments (including sources not listed here), and canned searches of PubMed and the ADAI Library catalog for literature about the specific instruments or about AOD assessment in general.

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