ATOD Journals, Newsletters, and Monograph Series


1. 12 | Life in Recovery.   Guideposts Publications and Hazelden
New York, NY, United States: Guideposts Publications, January 2002 (only one issue published)
2. 24 : The Magazine of the Way to Live - Twenty-Four Hours at a Time.
Callicoon, NY, United States: Way Out, Inc., 1970 - 1976
3. AA Grapevine : The International Journal of Alcoholics Anonymous.   Alcoholics Anonymous
New York, NY, United States: Alcoholics Anonymous Grapevine, Inc., 1944 -
4. Addiction and Recovery.
Cleveland, OH, United States: International Publications Group, 1990 - 1993
5. Addiction Treatment Forum; A Collaborative Initiative for Patients and Clinical Professionals.
Mundelein, IL, United States: Clinco Communications, Inc., 1992 -
6. Addictions News Now.
Washington, DC, United States: <a href="">National Council for Community Behavioral Healthcare<a/>, 2009 -
7. Alcoholism and Addiction.
Cleveland, OH, United States: Quantum Publishing Co., 1985 - 1988
8. Alcoholism and Addiction and Recovery Life.
Cleveland, OH, United States: International Publishing Group, 1989
9. Changes; For Adult Children of Alcoholics.
Pompano Beach, FL, United States: U. S. Journal of Drug and Alcohol Dependence, Inc., and Health Communications, Inc., 1986 - 1995
10. Changes : The Recovery Lifestyle Magazine.
Pompano Beach, FL, United States: U.S. Journal of Drug and Alcohol Dependence, Inc., 1986 - 1995
11. Creative Lifelines for Survivors : Exploring the Links Between Creativity and Healing.
Center City, MN, United States: Creative Lifelines for Survivors, 1995 - 1996
12. Faces & Voices of Recovery: eNewsletter.
Washington, DC, United States: Faces & Voices of Recovery, 2004 -
13. The Forum.
New York, NY, United States: Al-Anon Family Group Headquarters,
14. Hazelden Voice : News, Features and Opinion for Recovering People and Professionals.
Center City, MN, United States: Hazelden Foundation, 1996 -
15. International Journal of Self Help and Self Care.
Amityville, NY, United States: Baywood Publishing Co., 1999 -
16. JACS Journal (Jewish Alcoholics, Chemically Dependent Persons, and Significant Others)
New York, NY, United States: JACS Foundation,
17. Lifeline America!
Seattle, WA, United States: National Foundation for Alcoholism Communication, 1988 - ?
18. Lifestyles in Recovery.
Seattle, WA, United States: Lifestyles Publishing, Inc.,
19. Minnesota Recovery.
St. Paul, MN, United States: Recovery Services, Inc.,
20. The Other Side of the Coin.
New York, NY, United States: The Other Victims of Alcoholism, Inc., 1978 - ?
21. Parkside Magazine.
Park Ridge, IL, United States: Parkside Medical Services Corporation, 1991 -
22. Phoenix.
Phoenix Health and Recovery News,
23. Recovery Solutions.
Marietta, GA, United States: Simbo Olanusi-Babatope, MD, FASAM, Recovery Solutions Magazine, Inc., 2005 -
24. Renew Magazine.
Chicago, IL, United States: Renew Media LLC, 2010 -
25. Rice Paper.
Los Angeles, CA, United States: Asian American Drug Abuse Program, Inc.,
26. Selfhelp Magazine.
Pioneer Development Resources, Inc., 1994 -
27. Serene Scene Transitional Sober Living Magazine.
Long Beach, CA: Serene Center, September 2008 -
28. Sober Times : The Recovery Magazine for Healthy Choices.
San Diego, CA, United States: Sober Times, Inc., 1987 - 1995
29. Therapeutic Communities : International Journal of Therapeutic Communties.   Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust The Institute of Mental Health European Federation of Therapeutic Communities (EFTC)
Toddington, Gloucestershire, UK: Association of Therapeutic Communities, UK, 1980 -
30. Visions Journal; BC's Mental Health and Addictions Journal.   Canadian Mental Health Association
Vancouver, BC, Canada: BC Partners for Mental Health and Addictions Information, 1997 -
31. We In Recovery ; A Magazine for People Interested in Recovery.
Pittsburgh, PA, United States: We In Recovery Magazine, 1995 - 1998

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