An Alcohol Temperance Lesson from the Mechanical Man

The Alcohol and Drug Abuse Institute acquired this distinctive Alcohol Temperance display in 2001 as a gift from Dr. Roger A. Roffman, professor in the UW School of Social Work. We were able to find out a little about his history with generous assistance from the archivists at the Frances Willard Memorial Library and Archives, named for Miss Frances Willard, president of the Woman's Christian Temperance Union.

Charlie, Dr. Wise, "our little man," or whatever name you'd like to call him — is on display at the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Institute. You can view a slide show here as he presents a warning lesson on the dangers of alcohol!

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Have you seen this man? If you have information about the history of the mechanical man or his cousins in other states, please write and tell us about it.   We'd love to know more about his history in Washington State and elsewhere in the U.S.