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You & the ADAI Library

Who can use the library?

The Alcohol and Drug Abuse Institute Library is open to all University of Washington students, faculty, and staff, as well as to addiction professionals and others in Washington State.

The ADAI Library collection covers the spectrum of scholarly and scientific literature on alcohol and drug use from all relevant disciplines, including medicine, nursing, criminal justice, psychology and sociology. Materials are selected for researchers, college students, and alcohol and drug specialists.

Also available within the Library are the services of the ADAI Clearinghouse, a resource center for parents, prevention organizations, schools, the faith community and the public. The Clearinghouse provides free materials (e.g. pamphlets, posters, factsheets) to residents of Washington State.

How to Borrow a Book (or Video) From the Library

Books and videos will be loaned for two weeks at a time to University of Washington faculty, students, and staff, as well as to substance abuse professionals in Washington state, and to faculty and students from other colleges in the area.

UW borrowers may renew items for an additional two weeks, provided that no one else has requested the item. Renewals are not available to non-UW borrowers. Current picture I.D. is required of all borrowers.

In some cases, the ADAI Library can arrange to send borrowed items by mail; contact the ADAI Library to ask about mailing, and be sure to include your complete contact information. Borrowers are expected to return items on time to the ADAI library, in person or by mail, at their own expense.

ADAI journals, reprints and reference materials do not circulate and must be used in the Library.

Note: Non-UW borrowers may also contact their own college or public library to facilitate borrowing through Interlibrary Loan services described below.

How to Get an Article From the Library

Some articles in the ADAI Library's Articles & Chapters database are available electronically for UW staff, students, and faculty. If you are on campus, all you need to do is click on "UW/ADAI Access" to open up the electronic journals and navigate to the article you want. If you are off-site when searching, see Accessing Electronic Journals Off-Campus for instructions on using the UW Library's Proxy Bookmarklet.

For those using library resources in person at ADAI, a self-service photocopier is available for use at a cost of 10 cents/page for the public, or 5 cents/page for copies charged to a University of Washington budget.

If you want ADAI staff to make a copy for you, the Library will provide a single copy of articles from our Library collection according to the "Fair Use" doctrine of U.S. copyright law. This service is called Document Delivery, and is offered for the benefit of UW faculty, staff and students, and affiliates of the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Institute. Fees for this service are currently $3.00 per article if paid on a UW budget and $4.00 per article if paid by cash or check. Requests for Document Delivery must include full a citation to the article, and your complete contact information. (Document Services Order Form)

If ADAI does not own an item, we will try to obtain it from another library, but we must add any fees charged by the lending library to our fee. UW faculty and staff should provide a budget name and number; others are required to make arrangements for payment at the time of the request.

Turn-around time for Document Delivery is usually within 1 working day, though may take longer if the item requested must be ordered from another library.

To request a document from the ADAI Library, use our Document Services Order Form. For more information about our fees, click here.

Other ADAI Library Services

Library staff perform onlines searches of the ADAI Library Catalog and other databases, such as PubMed and PsycInfo. This service is available to UW researchers and students at no charge; it is offered to non-UW patrons as time permits. Searches may be requested by phone, e-mail, or in person, and are usually available within three working days.

Before requesting a search, please consult our Bibliographies to see if one already exists on your topic. Many of these Bibliographies have been set up to perform an automatic search of our databases, so they are updated the moment you click on the Bibliography title.

Interlibrary Loan and DOCLINE (service for other libraries)

The ADAI Library regularly fills Interlibrary Loan requests from libraries in Washington State and the Pacific Northwest region, and to other substance abuse libraries in the US and elsewhere. We accept ILL requests via DOCLINE (LIBID=WAUALC, we are a FreeShare lender) or by fax, mail, or e-mail.

ADAI Library journal holdings are available in OCLC Firstsearch and the National Library of Medicine's SERHOLD database, as well as listed here.

ILL requests are filled within 3 days of receipt, or sooner if the request is urgent.

ILL fees:
* Washington state libraries: No charge (regular request for mail or .pdf copy)
* $4 to U.S. out-of-state libraries (regular request for mail or .pdf copy)
* $5 to non-U.S. libraries (regular request for mail or .pdf copy)

Articles will be faxed without extra charge for emergency requests only. For more information about our fees, click here.

Books and videos will be loaned to Washington State libraries and other substance abuse libraries for use by their patrons. ILL requests for books and journals can use any of the ILL request formats mentioned above.


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